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                Hitachi Group Global Network


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                Human Flow|人员流动

                The FI-700 enables the smooth movement of peopleby predicting the flowof people and activating elevator service in anticipation of the traffic flow.



                The FI-700 is also equipped with an interface that can receive external information and transmit operation control information.

                配备了能〗够接收外部信息、 以及发送运行管理信息的接口。


                In addition to pursuing service efficiency, the FI-700 also includes smart operation modes for responding to specific user needs.

                提供智能运行模式,既追求运行效率♂, 又满足使用者需求。

                FI-700 管理系统

                FL-700 We adopted a Human Flow Predictive Algorithm in which AI technology is used to analyze vast amounts of past operational data for predicting the future flow of people.

                FL-700 采用“客流预测算法”,可通过AI技术对庞大的历史运行数▂据进行分析,预测未来的人员流动。 在楼宇内人员流动形成之前,就预先将电梯投入服务,从而实现顺畅的人员移动。 运用电」梯运行管理技术,可以在按下按钮这一无意识行为之前就予以响应。

                Previous Elevator Operation Control System



                FI-700 预测过程

                FI-700’s Human Flow Prediction Process



                Analysis of past logs is used to find out how many people board, at what time, which floors they press, and how many people get off at which floor.

                分析♀历史日志,可以知道几点几分、 多少人乘坐电□梯、按下了第几层的按钮、 在第几层有多少人下电梯。


                When this data is analyzed, we can visualize when the elevator will be called and how many people are waiting in the hall.

                分析该数据,可以清楚地知道∮呼叫电梯的 时机以及在电梯厅等候的人数。


                Because this is analyzed on the time axis, the movement of people can be continually predicted. This is determined for specific ranges on the time axis for providing optimum services.

                按时间轴◣进行分析,能够连续预测●移动人数。 在一定的时间轴范围内进行判断, 提供最佳服务。


                This process is performed for each floor for assessing the flow of people and optimizing movement throughout the entire building.

                对每一╳层进行上述分析, 以掌握整栋楼宇的人员流动, 并优化整栋楼宇的人员移动。

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